Kisi – Dry, Unfiltered, Qvevri wine. Maceration and ageing of wine is done by Georgian (Kakhetian) traditional way, which means, that fermentation is performed with pomace and stems in Qvevri, which is a big, egg-shaped clay pot (like amhorae) buried deep in the ground to achieve stable temperature conditions throughout the year. For achieving high quality wine, before crushing we use sorting tables and select only the best quality grapes. After fermentation complete, wine stays on the pomace and stems 6 more months and performs natural filtration and stabilisation. Wine ageing is also performed in Qvevri. Wine is dark straw-coloured, with light aromas. It should be noted that wine is made naturally, without any additions and without filtration. Does not contain added sulphites.

  • Category: Vintage 2016

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