Chateau Khashmi is a family cellar located in village Khashmi, Iori Valley, 35 km from Tbilisi, Georgia.

In our cellar we are making wine using old Georgian tradition, which is dated back to 8000 years.

For achieving the best quality wine, we thoroughly monitor grape quality and ripeness, and harvest them by hand at the right time, when sugar and acidity are at optimal levels. 

Before crushing grapes, we use sorting tables to select the best quality grapes and to remove inferior ones. 

After crushing, wine is fermenting together with pomace and stems in Qvevri's, which are big, egg-shaped clay pots (like amphorae) buried deep in the ground for achieving stable temperature throughout a year and have the best storage conditions.

During fermentation we use extensive labour to monitor maceration temperature and punch down wine pomace (cap) at least every 3 hours (during active fermentation) to prevent pomace drying and oxidation and to cool down the fermenting juice, for achieving excellent aromatic wines.
After fermentation complete, wine is stored and matured in ideal and steady temperature conditions, in Qvevri (underground vessel) for at least 1 year.
Our wines are made naturally, which means that, it is produced without adding or removing anything during vinification. Our wines are not filtered and do not contain added sulphites.